Infant Program

Infants are in the beginning stages of development, and need specialized, personal attention from our highly qualified staff. Our staff is committed to providing the essential components for early brain development through individualization, bonding, relaxation, a calming ambience and language immersion.

Through our nurturing and developmentally appropriate practices, your child begins building the skills necessary to meet their milestones. Our uniquely designed lesson plans focus on each child’s developmental stage and their individual skills. Each day our teachers set the stage for new discoveries in fine and gross motor skill building. We develop a partnership with our parents, as they receive daily communication both verbal and written about their child’s day. We also provide our parents with annual progress assessments using the nationally approved Ages and Stages Questionnaire.

Our youngest age group, consisting of ages six weeks through 12 months. We provide constant supervision and care of your child by a certified professional to insure your child experiences a warm, nurturing environment. Each child has their own personal crib with clean sheets daily to insure the most sanitary environment.

Some examples of your infant’s day will include:

  • Music and movement
  • Cause and effect toys
  • Singing songs and finger plays
  • Reading books
  • Receiving lots of love and attention